Netflix’s New Reality Series is So Dramatic and I Love It

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There are two kinds of drama, drama you have to deal with (the bad kind) and the drama you just like to watch (the good kind).

I mean, we all enjoy watching drama as long as we aren’t having to deal with it ourselves.

Am, I right?

Of course, I am!

Which is why I am LOVING Netflix’s New Reality Series and I am not the only one.

Selling Sunset is a new reality show about The Oppenheim Group and their work selling high-end real estate in Southern California.

This is Netflix’s first-ever docusoap’s with 8 episodes in the first season.

The show’s executive producer is Adam DiVello who also worked on The Hills and Laguna Beach. Yes, those shows you couldn’t get enough of while in high school.

This show is so popular, fans are already begging for Season 2 of Selling Sunset, even though the first season was just released on March 22, 2019.

Fans are claiming the show is like The Hills just with real estate:


So, if you haven’t seen this show it’s highly recommended.

And if you end up loving it like so many others, head to social media to share your thoughts because I am sure Netflix is watching and using that to determine (among viewer ratings) if there will be a second season.

You can check out the first season trailer below:

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