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Netflix’s New True Crime Documentary Has Viewers “Enraged” By How Messed Up It Is

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Netflix’s new True Crime documentary is a twisted look at just how effed up life can be at times.


You might remember seeing the news story flash across the screen some 10 years ago.

Back in 2013, there was a car accident that happened near Fresno, California that just happened to turn Kai Lawrence into a viral household name.

Kai was “home-free,” and had been on a backpacking journey across California.

Then, one day, he happened to be at the right place at the right time — or the wrong place at the wrong time, as we will quickly learn.

See, Kai had accepted a ride from a man named Jett Simmons McBride — who just happened to be (allegedly) on the opposite side of sane.

Jett eventually admitted to a series of disturbing crimes, and even claimed to be the second coming of Christ, but that’s a story for another time.

So, while Kai was in the car getting a ride to who-knows-where, Jett crashed his vehicle into a pedestrian — in broad daylight.

A female who witnessed the entire thing happen came over in an attempt to help, but was assaulted by Mr. McBride.

Kai quickly jumped into action, and pulled a hatchet — yes, a hatchet — from his knapsack and jumped in between the two.

With hatchet in hand, Kai repeatedly clocked Jett in the head several times to get him to back away from the female bystander.

At this moment, a news crew just happened to catch up to the incident, and Kai gave a larger-than-life interview.

It was here he became known as the The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, and social media — which was still just in its infancy — loved him.

Spoilers Ahead

This was all fine and dandy — until it came to light that Kai had a pretty troubling past.

A past that supposedly involved murder — a murder for which he was later convicted.

So, he quickly went from the homeless hitchhiker dude who saved a girl by pulling a hatchet from his backpack, to a convicted felon.

Yes, justice was served, and a murderer is no longer on the streets.

But, how much of his story is the fault of the media — especially social media?

This True Crime documentary will have you feeling all kinds of ways — but none of them good.

But, hey, it’s True Crime. What do you really expect?

Some people are truly upset at it and one user even expressed being “enraged” saying:

Just watched that hatchet wielding hitchhiker documentary on Netflix and I am ENRAGED. Showcasing brutally exploitative media execs, zero trauma or mental health awareness in the actual filmmaking, and interviewing his mother letting her try to justify her abuse? Come on. I can’t


You can tune into Netflix to catch The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.

Then you can watch the entire interview that made Kai’s famous HERE.

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