You Can Get A Crochet Sweater Dubbed The ‘Never Ending Sweater’ and I Need It

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We all need a good sweater to fit into during the winter months, preferably one that’s long and knitted, oh and definitely soft.

Courtesy of @BowsbyLaurenNicole

@BowsbyLaurenNicole is selling her own crochet sweater that fits the criteria of being soft and long, but also does a lot more than just being comfy.

She calls it, the Never Ending Sweater.

Courtesy of @BowsbyLaurenNicole

The sweater is basically a design that wraps around your body and is meant to act as an oversized sweater, giving it that boho look.

It also acts as an off the shoulder piece which has always been my preferred look when I buy my own sweater.

Courtesy of @BowsbyLaurenNicole

The sweater itself is made out of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn which makes the Never Ending Sweater super soft to the touch.

The seller also mentions that the yarn comes in a variety of colors. So that means you can choose which color you prefer your sweater to be created with, since every piece of clothing is handmade.

Courtesy of @BowsbyLaurenNicole

The sweater comes in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL and you can purchase your own sweater to wrap around in this winter for $48 dollars on Etsy.

Courtesy of @BowsbyLaurenNicole

I could always use a new sweater, but blue isn’t my color, although I like to think pink is.

Her instructions on how to wrap her Never Ending Sweater are shown in the uploaded pictures above and on her Etsy account!

Courtesy of @BowsbyLaurenNicole

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