New Age Slang Guide: How To Make Sense Out Of The Crap Your Teenager Says

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How often do you listen to your teenager talk to their friends and just don’t understand a damn word they say? Gone are the days of “sweet” and “wicked”. Now we have phrases like “Curved”, and “It’s lit.”. Here is how you can make some sense out of the crap your teenager says.

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How To Make Sense Out Of The Crap Your Teenager Says

Throwing Shade– this means someone is talking smack.

“Amanda is pissed because she heard Kelly was throwing shade about her boyfriend.”

So basically, someone is being shady.

Curve- To ignore a text, phone call, or sexual advance.

“Have you heard from Sydney? She totally curved me last night.”


Lit- being drunk or intoxicated on something- or-that N even or a party was really fun.

“Did you go to that festival? It was lit”

Steez- someone’s outfit, shoes or makeup. Someone might post a photo of their outfit with the caption “Today’s steez.” Steez = Style With Eaze

Low key/High key- This one has been around for awhile (at least it was when I was a kid), but recently has been making a comeback. Low key means you’re into something but not saying it to the whole world. High key is the opposite.

“I am low-key obsessed with the Kardashians”

I make no apologies for this punny, punny image...
I make no apologies for this punny, punny image…

Creeper– pretty self explanitory. A creeper is just someone you think is creepy.

“I don’t want to go to that restaurant. That creeper works there


Ratchet– Calling someone ratchet means you think they’re acting trashy and foolish.

“Did you see Allison try to start a fight in the cafeteria? She’s so ratchet.”

Basic– Calling someone basic means you think they’re predictable and boring. A popular term used to describe girls who wear uggs and adore pumpkin spice coffee.

Squad- a group of friends.

“I’m going to the movies with the squad”


Thirsty– someone reaallly wants to get with someone else.

“Steven called me, like, ten times last night. He’s so thirsty”


So yeah. You still might not be able to make sense of what your teen is saying, but at least you’ll know some of it isn’t necessarily as bad as you thought. You’re. Welcome.

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  1. What the crap is YEET? ? My nephews are obsessed. I am clueless!

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