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There’s A New Dating App That’s Designed Just For Single Parents

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I’ve never used a dating app, they really weren’t a thing when I was single.

I know that now this is really a rather normal thing these days, and I have heard some great love stories and also so crazy horror stories from friends.

When I was divorced from my first husband and was a single mom I learned very quickly that dating a guy that wasn’t a parent as well was really hard.

Your life changes quite dramatically when you become a parent, and even more so when you have to go it alone.

So dating someone that gets what being a parent means, especially a single parent, is so important to making things work.

Yes, I know… this isn’t always the case, but more often than not it totally is much easier to date someone that can relate to being a parent.

Well, Match just created a new dating app that is meant mostly for single parents and I think that is super cool.

The new single parent dating app is called Stir and it just launched on March 21st which also happened to be National Single Parents Day!

The dating app is designed to make it easier for single mothers and fathers to find each other!

If someone is on Stir it means they are also a single parent or they are totally into kids so you are not wasting your time with people that may look at your wonderful children as “baggage”, man I hate that term.

At first, when I read that non-parents could join I was like what’s the point of that, but then it hit me… there are many people that can’t have children but want children.

There are also many people that are totally ok with dating someone that already has a child, and if they’re on this app you will know that having kids will not be an issue for them.

Stir sent a survey to 1,494 Stir members and learned that 20 percent had been ghosted after revealing they had kids while using other dating apps.

At this point in my life, I doubt I’ll ever use a dating app, if I happen to become single I’m just going to get more dogs…

If you’re single and looking, you should totally check out the Stir dating app!

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