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Two New Flavors Of Carnation Breakfast Essentials Are About To Drop On Grocery Shelves And I Need Them Both

Carnation has done it again!

They are bringing out new Cinnabon and Frosted Flakes flavored Carnation Breakfast Essentials to make breakfast not only easy, but extra DELICIOUS.

My family is already OBSESSED with the cereal flavored Carnation Breakfast Essentials that came out late last year — the Golden Grahams flavor is our absolute FAVORITE.

But now, Carnation is adding two new flavors to their Breakfast Essentials lineup, and I can’t wait!

The new Cinnabon and Frosted Flakes Breakfast Essentials are supposed to land on shelves later this month, and that isn’t nearly soon enough for me.

These drinks are high in protein — they clock in at 10 grams of protein each — so they fit into most diets PERFECTLY.

We like to use these breakfast treats as incentives for the kids — they get the special breakfast drink when they finish their chores.

Don’t judge. It works for us. LOL!!

These drinks are supposed to be available at Walmart and Amazon, but I’m betting you will be able to get them wherever you normally find your Carnation Breakfast Essentials.

Each pack of 8 ounce 6 breakfast drinks will run you just less than $7, so you can just go ahead and fill my shopping cart with both flavors!

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