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This New Horror Film Has People Vomiting and Passing Out During Certain Scenes

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Apparently closing your eyes with this new horror film simply isn’t enough to shield you from scary scenes.

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And for one main reason, this slasher film is unlike other scary movies.

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So if you’ve ever turned your head away from certain scenes because of gore and blood, this new film is most likely not for you.

Dubbed Terrifier 2, a sequel to the first Terrifier, the second film revolves around an evil clown named Art who returns to Miles County to terrorize a teenager girl and her younger brother.

The dark flick has caused a frenzy on social media because apparently, the film isn’t easy on the eyes nor the stomach.

Courtesy of @ratshitbastard

There’s even a graphic warning for the new film to inform movie goers know that this cinematic piece shows “graphic violence” and “brutal depictions of horror”.

So how scary is the film? @ratshitbastard posted to Twitter that his friend passed out during the film while others went on social media to say they even heard audience members puking.

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And one guy claims he even vomited in his popcorn.

Courtesy of @RyanTheHorrorM

Starring Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, and David Howard Thornton, Terrifier 2 is up on the big screen in theatres now, that is if you can stomach the gory scenes.

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