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10 New Year’s Resolutions That You Will Actually Keep

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Who’s going to participate in that King Daddy of all traditions, the New Year’s Resolution this year?

Every year, I debate about whether to choose a New Year’s Resolution to carry into the new year. In theory, it is a great tradition. In actuality, people usually stick to their resolutions for a few weeks, and then forget they ever existed.

But, THIS year, I want to start a resolution that will stick.

I think 2021 needs to have a resolution not to SUCK this year — to throw 2020 to the curb, and get on with the good vibes. Who’s with me?!?

Here are a few traditions that YOU can start in the New Year, that will HOPEFULLY last all year long.

Now, these are just a FEW things you can take with you into the new year to start it off on the right foot. What are some other things that you can think of?

I would LOVE to hear what ideas you have for New Year’s Resolutions!

10 New Year's Resolutions That You Will Actually Keep

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