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Move Over Christmas Trees, New Year’s Trees Are The Hot New Trend, And I’m Totally Down With It

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We leave our Christmas Tree up until the middle of January.

Oh, no. It’s not for any insightful, legitimate reason. It’s simply because we are just too lazy to take it down.

BUT, now we have an actual reason to keep our Christmas tree up and shining bright!

The new trend is to take that Christmas Tree, and turn it into a New Year’s Tree.

I’m 100% on board!

How To Turn Your Christmas Tree Into A New Year’s Tree

First, you want to take the Christmas Ornaments off the Christmas Tree.

I know, I know. That’s the part that you loathe the most — or at least I do.

But, it’s necessary to have a naked tree to start the transformation process.

Okay. Now that you’ve gone through the process of stripping the Christmas off your tree, it’s time to get started.

You’re going to want balloons of the New Year’s variety — white, gold, silver, blue, etc.

Also gather together New Year’s Eve decorations. You know, the kind you’d find at a New Year’s Eve party.

Now, you’re going to stick it all on the tree.

Blow up the balloons and stick them in between the branches.

Make the New Year’s decorations look like they are exploding out of the tree.

You can, of course, put your own spin on it.

Maybe start a new tradition of getting a New Year’s Eve ornament each year, and putting it on the New Year’s Tree.

Just make it your own, and decorate it with your heart. It’s going to turn out beautiful!

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