Nick Cannon Says He’d Love to Have Baby Number 13 With Taylor Swift and He Just Needs to Wrap It Up Already

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Dear Nick Cannon, just wrap it up already.

By “wrap it” I mean, your manhood. Just get snipped and call it a day. And then go focus on being a dad to the 12 children you already have…

Look, I get it – Nick wants a big family but I feel for the kids.

They can’t possibly have the relationship they deserve with their dad being that he has 12 children among 6 different women. There is simply not enough time to give attention to each and every kid like he should.

And now, he may be looking for baby mama #7 and is eyeing Taylor Switch according to a recent interview…

Earlier today on The Howard Stern Show, Nick admitted he has no immediate plans to add to his large family but he would change his mind if Taylor Swift wanted to start a family with him.

“I’m all in,” he quipped, after host Howard Stern proposed the hypothetical situation.

Howard Stern Show

“First of all, she’s an amazing songwriter. What I do love about Taylor Swift is the fact that she has been so vulnerable and open with all of her music since a young girl.”

Howard Stern Show

“I think she would relate to me very well,” Nick explained. “We probably will understand each other.”

In the interview, Nick then joked that his “Spidey senses” were tingling after hearing news of Taylor’s split with her boyfriend of 6 years.

Nick said to the idea of having a baby with Taylor, “That would be amazing.” 

Howard Stern Show

Here’s the thing, something tells me Taylor isn’t interested. I mean after all, she is JUST barely became single.

And yes, I realize this was a hypothetical question and may have been a joke but I am sure Nick will keep having kids as long as women keep allowing him to…

So, what do you think?

You can watch the video below.

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