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Nick Lachey Has Been Ordered To Attend Anger Management Classes And AA Meetings

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It’s been a hot minute since Nick Lachey was in the news, but here we are.

You young people might be saying, “Nick who??”

Let me just get you up to speed real quickly.

A super long time ago, Nick was in a boy band called 98 Degrees.

Then, he married Jessica Simpson, and they did a little show called Newlyweds.

They eventually got divorced, and he went on to host a bunch of shows, including Love Is Blind on Netflix.

Probably the most recent thing you know him from is winning season 5 of The Masked Singer.

NOW he is in the news, because he just got ordered to attend anger management classes and go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

WTH, right?

Nick Lachey isn’t exactly the first person who springs to mind when you think of a celebrity loose cannon who parties it up.

Here’s what happened.

Back in March of 2022, Nick had a little run in with the paparazzi, namely a lady named Jody Santos.

Apparently, Nick, his wife (Vanessa), and a friend were leaving a restaurant, and paparazzi were waiting in the wings, filming their every move.

Here, I’ll let Jody Santos tell you what happened.

He flipped me off and then I heard Vanessa say, ‘Go get ’em, open the door’ and then he started walking towards my car all aggressive.

Jody Santos

I immediately locked my door and rolled up my window as fast as I could. He then started punching the window. I thought he was going to break his hand, that’s how hard he was hitting the glass. I am surprised he didn’t shatter the window.

Jody Santos

I could smell alcohol on his breath for sure. — Then he asked me, ”Is paparazzi still a thing?” and I said yes that’s why I’m here, I’m a photographer.

Jody Santos

What he did was wrong. — Attempting to bust his fist through my car window when all I was doing was taking photographs of him. He should have been thanking me for the free publicity. I mean, really. Talk about an oversized ego.

Jody Santos

Apparently, a judge agrees, because Nick now has to hit up anger management classes and AA meetings.

Nick won’t be too happy when he gets snapped going to anger management classes. — This all could have been avoided if Nick had just taken responsibility for his behavior. He is not above the law and as a father and a public figure, the least he can do is be a decent human being

Jody Santos

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