This Nightmare Before Christmas Calendar Is The Perfect Way To Count Down To The Holidays

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We use countdown calendars for birthdays, anniversaries, pool parties and even Christmas, but I have yet to see a calendar that focuses specifically on Halloween.

Who wouldn’t want to countdown the days till trick or treating, buckets of candy, pumpkin patches and pumpkin spiced lattes.

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There’s a ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Perpetual Calendar Collection that is unlike any other calendar and here’s why!


This calendar has 12 realistic, handcrafted character figurines for every month of the year and 47 dates, holiday and special occasion titles.

You’ll be celebrating all year long and not just for the month of October; although the 1st day of October is always necessary to get excited about.

Courtesy of TheBradfordExchange

Each figurine represents its own month and each current month is displayed at the top of the calendar.

For example, July’s figurine would be placed at the very top of the calendar and above all of the other characters.

This isn’t your simple calendar that you tac on the wall, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas Calendar’ should be displayed properly to show off its unique bold colors and full moon.

Courtesy of TheBradfordExchange

This calendar would look great displayed on any shelf in the living room, especially during the Halloween season. Although if I buy this calendar, I should watch the movie first!

You can purchase your own calendar for $60 here.

Courtesy of TheBradfordExchange

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