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Meet Noodle, The Adorable Pug Who Sometimes Wakes Up With ‘No Bones’

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File this under some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen…

Meet Noodle, The Adorable Pug Who Sometimes Wakes Up With ‘No Bones’. Yes, I said no bones.


Now, obviously, this doesn’t mean this pug doesn’t actually have any bones but his owner explains it best…

In the first ever video on TikTok Noodle’s owner says that Noodle is playing one of his favorite games dubbed “No Bones”.

This means that Noodle is pretending he has absolutely no bones in his body to move.


On the days where Noodle has “no bones”, his human companion Jonathan, tried to get him up, make him move and get on with his day. Noodle sort just lays there like, well, a limp noodle ha!


On the days he does have bones, it is super exciting to see Noodle up and moving around without any support.

In one of the most recent videos, Jonathan explains he is going to check on Noodle to see if it’s a No Bones or Bones day and it ended up being a Bones day! YAY!


The best part of all, is how many people adore and love this 13-year-old Pug. I mean, Noodle and Jonathan have over 1.1 Million fans who want to play this No Bones/Bones Game on the daily.


Aww look at that sweet face!!

If you love this sweet face as much as we do, you need to head over and Play the No Bones/Bones Game with Noodle and Jonathan. I for one, am OBSESSED.


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