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10 Ways to Not Look 35 and Mommy-Stressed

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This year, I turn 35 and I’ll be adding kiddo #3 to the brood. But I don’t FEEL 35 and there’s no way I want to look older than I feel just because there’s a little stress in my life! I’m busting out of the aging-trap with these 10 Ways to NOT Look 35 and Mommy-Stressed.

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There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning, running through your routine and realizing its actually 3pm and you haven’t even taken a shower yet. That’s sometimes just what being a mom is. That kind of crazy in your day, along with normal aging, can write a story on your face, which, for me, adds even more stress. Inside, I feel beautiful and happy–that’s the story I want on my face, and this is how I’m doing it!

  • I’m not using crazy cleansers. Astringents and harsh cleansers dry-out skin (that’s how they work) and literally suck the life from your pores. So, instead, I use unscented, super-gentle goat’s milk soap. I liked how soft and just straight-up nice it made my face feel, I decided to use it on my body, too!
  • I’m eating better. This is a BIG deal. When I was in my 20’s, I had no idea the effect that a greasy pizza or a half-pint of chocolate might have on my skin. Now, (in my late 20’s–ha!), I’m noticing how that pizza makes my face oily for days. And that chocolate ice cream not only gnaws at my insides for a week–it makes me break-out.
  • I’m exercising. I was really surprised when I started working-out a little that just by getting the blood flowing, my skin felt healthier. Yeah, surprising!
  • I’m wearing sunscreen and NOT tanning. Sun damage is one of the WORST ways to keep your skin looking healthy. Think about that turkey we had for Thanksgiving a few months ago. You cook him just a tad too long and his skin gets crunchy and icky, no matter how much you baste him.
  • I’m using Boots No7 Anti-Aging Serum (sponsor). This awesome wrinkle-wrangling product is from the UK’s #1 beauty brand, but is totally available in the US at Target stores. As their most advanced anti-wrinkle formula, I noticed Boots No7 delivers real, visible results in just four weeks. By week 2, after using it every morning and evening when I moisturize, I was feeling better about my tiny wrinkles and laugh-lines. This is the real deal. I’m not wasting money on anything else, since Boots No7 has been clinically proven to be effective at reducing pesky wrinkles and lines.

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  • When I do wear make-up, its light and gentle. I stopped wearing a lot of my make-up when I got poison ivy one time. And when I healed-up, I noticed that quite a bit of the stuff I’d been trying to hide with the make-up was actually going away. So, I continued the experiment and in about a month, my natural skin looked healthier. Go figure!
  • I’m wearing a face mask when I ride my motorcycle. Just kidding! I don’t have a bike, much less a motorized monster-machine! But I am limiting the amount of time I roll down windows in the car and keeping what can really be damaging high-winds off my face. They can be as bad as the sun.
  • I’m wearing sunglasses. I remember my tiny little granny with her pretty brown skin (she was soooo perma-tanned, that lady!) and cute little wrinkly eyes. I thought she was the picture of the “little ‘ole grammy”, but she was only like 60! Those cute little wrinkles around her eyes were totally just remnants of squinting to keep the sun out of her eyes. NOT ME.
  • I’m moisturizing after showers and before bedtime. I don’t really understand the why of it, but I know that after a shower, my face and body feel like half the shower water was sandpaper. So, I naturally moisturize. But then, by the end of the day, all that good juju I was feeling is gone–so I moisturize again before bed. This is also when I’m putting my Boots No7 anti-wrinkle serum on, so the timing works-out!
  • I’m drinking water. It makes NO sense to moisturize the outside if you’re dehydrated inside. Cells, and thus bodies, need water to be plump and happy. Simple. So I drink my 8 glasses a day and smile, knowing I’m gonna be that much prettier tomorrow!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boots No 7 via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.  

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