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If You Call This Number, Kindergarteners Will Give You A Pep Talk and It’s The Positivity We All Need

Can we all just agree that life is hard? Like really hard?

Sometimes, all it takes is someone telling us something nice, encouraging or positive to help lift up our spirits.

Well, if you could use a little motivation or encouraging words right now, I have the perfect thing for you!

A school took the opportunity to create a hotline that you can call and listen to the most adorable advice and encouraging words from kids.

It’s basically the best thing ever.

When you dial the number, you are greeted with a message:

“Hi, welcome to pep talk. A public art project by Westside School”

The recording then gives you options on which words of encouragement you want to hear…

If you are feeling mad, frustrated or nervous, press 1

If you need words of encouragement and life advice, press 2

If you need a pep talk from Kindergarteners, press 3

If you need to hear kids laughing with delight, press 4

For encouragement in Spanish, press 5

I won’t lie, I listened to each selection at least 3 times. It was adorable and so wholesome.

Can you imagine if adults did this sort of thing too but like, in person? Online? Just to be nice, humble and kind?

Group of children in preschool thumb up.

I seriously love this so much!!

If you are needing a little bit of love and positivity today, go call this number now!

The number is 707-998-8410 and it is totally free unless you want to donate to their project (the information is in the recorded message).

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.