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Nutter Butter Cakesters Are Coming and My Life Is Now Complete

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Can I just say, you had me at Nutter Butter. YUM! They are only the most decadent cookies ever to be sandwiched around peanut butter!

But, the Nutter Butter cookie is about to step it up a couple notches in the yumminess department — who knew they could get even better?!? They are becoming Nabisco Cakesters (cookie? cake? perfection?). *GASP!!


“What is a Cakester,” you may be wondering. I’m not surprised that some of you don’t remember them. The last time we saw a Cakester on the shelves was a decade ago! Way back then the only flavor available was Oreo.


But, sometimes emails, texts, begs, and pleas from loyal fans work!! Woot Woot!! The Cakester is coming back after a 10-year break.

Not only is it coming back, but it’s bringing along Nutter Butter for the ride. I can just about die happy now.

You have to check this out.

The description of the Nutter Butter Cakester has me drooling all over my desk.

Of course, you get that real peanut butter filling that comes in the center of every Nutter Butter treat. That peanut buttery goodness is sandwiched by 2 soft baked cookies — Cakesters, if you will.


These deliciously cakey snacks are going to come in packs of 2 Nutter Butter Cakesters.

Um — would it be bad form to eat 3 packs at once?!?

It’s a good thing these are going to be worth the wait, because they aren’t going to be released for just a little bit.

These Nutter Butter Cakesters will be hitting shelves at the beginning of 2022, which means I can’t ask Santa to fill my stocking with them just yet.

But, here’s a bit of good news! The Cakesters will be a permanent fixture in stores, so we won’t have to fall in love with them, just to have them ripped from our poor hungry hands.

If you can’t wait until next year — and I can’t really blame you — you might be able to snag a sample of OREO-flavored Cakesters!

Follow OREO on social for more updates and the chance to win an exclusive, early Cakesters sample before they launch next year!

markie_devo / Nabisco

You know we will keep you up-to-date on the latest Cakester info as soon as more on these delicious treats drops.

tmc_reviews / Nabisco

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