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Ocean Breeze Orchids Are The Beautiful Piece Of Paradise You Need Right Now

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I have been stuck in this house for way too long. I’m sure many of you are in the same situation. I am definitely in need of a little bit of paradise and these Ocean Breeze Orchids deliver!


The Ocean Breeze Orchids are specially color-enhanced. Each bloom has amazing shades that look like deep purples, morphing into exotic blue shades.


They are such beautiful and pleasant surprise for my sister to receive! She’s never seen anything like these before I sent them!


I’m absolutely in love and I plan to spam my husbands Facebook page with images hoping that he get’s the hint that I need these in my life. They would be such a wonderful pick me up for this drab mood I am in.


This was absolutely beautiful I love every piece of this flower. It was exactly what I expected.

Ariesa G.

You can get them in a bouquet of 10 or 20 stems! They are called Dendrobium orchids and this is the Ocean Breeze Orchid version. No two bouquets are exactly alike either.


You can also choose whether you want a clear vase, purple vase, or just the bouquet with no vase. I absolutely love the way these look in the purple vase.


You can get these beautiful Ocean Breeze Orchids from 1800Flowers.com. Such a great gift to send someone to cheer them up!


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