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The Official Trailer For The New Season of ‘Dexter’ Is Here and It’s Giving Me All The Feels

OMG!! It is HERE!!

So you know how we’ve been talking about the new season of Dexter for months?! Well, until now, we’ve only had little bursts of first looks and the anticipation has been killing me (ha).

Well, now that has changed because Showtime just released the first official trailer and I am freaking out!!

In this trailer, it gives a look at what Dexter has been up to since the finale aired a few years ago. And let me just say – UM, is he dating the cop of the town he is in?! What????

Remember that horrible ending when he just takes off to become a mountain man? Yeah, nobody was really happy with how that series ended.

Well, Michael C. Hall says he wants this final season to make up for that and by the looks of the trailer, we may just be getting that closure we need!

It looks dark, creepy, and suspenseful which is what we loved about Dexter to begin with.

Will Dexter become a killer once again? I sure as heck hope so! Check out the full Dexter trailer below.