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Olive Garden Is Selling Lifetime Pasta Passes So You Can Eat There The Rest Of Your Life

Tomorrow is a special day because Olive Garden Is Selling Lifetime Pasta Passes For The First Time Ever!

The past few years Olive Garden has sold a Never Ending Pasta Pass which have hold out in seconds. These passes allow you to get unlimited pastas and sauces from Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl menu for 9 weeks and they cost around $100 + tax.

But now, Olive Garden is upping their game by offer a Lifetime Pasta Pass which allows you to get you the same menu for a lifetime for a mere $500! That is $400 more than the Never Ending Pasta pass.

This year there will be 24,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes available. Last year, 23,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes were offered and sold out in seconds.

The first 50 Pasta Pass holders can opt to upgrade to the lifetime pass. Those 50 diners have 48 hours from the time they receive the email alerting them of their eligibility to snap up the offer. Olive Garden will work its way through the list of early pass buyers until the 50 Lifetime Passes are taken.

The Never Ending Pasta Bowls menu launches on Sept. 23. For Never Ending Pasta Pass holders lasting through Nov. 24.

By the way, only the person whose name appears on the card can use an Olive Garden pass.

If you eat there a lot or plan to, this might be a great deal to take advantage of!

Passes go on sale Thursday at 2 p.m. Eastern time and Olive Garden suggests interested diners enter an online waiting room five minutes earlier to prepare. The passes have sold out in seconds in the past.