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Olive Garden’s Never Ending Stuffed Pasta Is Back And I’m On My Way to Stuff My Face With Some

The Never Ending Stuffed Pasta is back at the Olive Garden, and I know what’s for dinner!

I love the Olive Garden almost too much. I wait all year for them to bring out this Never Ending Stuffed Pasta deal, and then I go eat enough to keep me full for three days!

Courtesy of Olive Garden on Instagram

This time around, they have even taken this deal next level. They have added Stuffed Shells to the mix. Oh My Damn! Those are my favorites. You really get me, Olive Garden!

Besides the Stuffed Shells, you can, of course, also choose from Cheese Ravioli and Stuffed Ziti Frita — ziti shells, packed full of a four-cheese blend, and lightly fried.

OMG. My stomach just audibly growled. Did you hear it?

We haven’t even talked about sauce, yet. You get to choose between Traditional Marinara, Meat Sauce**, Five Cheese Marinara, or my favorite, Alfredo sauce. They will even mix two, if you want. Go for the Marinara Sauce mixed with the Alfredo Sauce! You’re welcome.

Not only do you get all the stuffed pasta you can eat, but you KNOW they are going to bring you warm breadsticks, and your choice of soup or salad. That’s how they roll — and I LOVE it!

While this is one DELICIOUS deal, don’t be planning on taking a doggie bag or two home. This meal is DINE-IN ONLY.

Courtesy of Olive Garden

Prices start at $11.99*, but you can add toppings — like Meatballs or Shrimp — for an extra fee.

Make sure you save room for those Olive Garden Mints, because, let’s get real, that’s the best part! Ha!

*Prices vary in certain locations. Refills dine-in only. Limited time only.
**Our meat-sauce is made with pan-seared beef and Italian sausage.

The Olive Garden
Courtesy of Olive Garden on Instagram