Roughly One Million Facebook Users Have Had Their Logins Compromised. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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I’m assuming you are a Facebook user, I think the majority of us are since it is a great way to keep up with friends and family.

Meta has warned that close to one million of Facebooks users have had their Facebook login information compromised, so you may want to change your password right away.

Facebook is owned by Meta, and Meta’s researchers have found that there are over 400 Apple and Android apps that have been designed to steal your personal information including your login information for Facebook.

According to a spokesperson for Meta, they will be reaching out to those Facebook users that they feel have had their information compromised.


I would recommend just going ahead and changing those passwords now even if you are not notified, better safe than sorry.

These malicious apps are anything from photo editors, to health, games, and even lifestyle apps.

The apps ask you to use your Facebook login information to log in to its application and then that is how the hackers steal your information including your logins and passwords.

Google has removed those apps that have been identified from the Google Play store, but who knows how many more there are?

I have noticed that many apps I use try to get me to use Facebook to log in instead of creating a login specific to the app.

Try to make everything have its own unique login to avoid this scam.

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