Oreo Just Released A Line of Ice Cream Including Giant Sized Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Oreo has had enough with the collaborations and are doing things their own way, specifically in the frozen aisle section of the grocery store!

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The aisle where every kid stops mom to ask for another pint of ice cream, Oreo has now seized that very moment considering the company is dubbing the campaign titled “The Real One is Finally Here.”

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Introducing the very first line of Oreo ice cream, made by the chocolate stuffed cookie itself.

Featuring not only a pint of ice cream stuffed Oreo cookie pieces, Oreo’s Frozen Treats will feature much more than just that; including Oreo bars, cones and stuffed sandwiches.

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Now getting down to the drool worthy details, Oreo’s variety of frozen sweet treats starts with creme-flavored base stuffed with chunks of Oreo pieces.

Next, there are the giant sized Oreo sandwiches that are basically identical to the Oreo cookie you dunk in milk, except bigger, frozen, and stuffed with a creme-flavored base packed with Oreo cookie pieces; so in other words, double the Oreo!

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The Oreo ice cream cones are also filled with the same creme-flavored base packed with Oreo cookie pieces, but also dipped in crushed Oreo wafer pieces for that extra crunch.

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And finally, the Oreo ice cream bars include yet again, the same creme-flavored base stuffed with Oreo cookie pieces and dipped with crushed Oreo wafer pieces for a top coat.

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So while you may want to run to the nearest frozen aisle, you’ll have to wait until this March of 2022, when the ice cream treats are released nationwide, and then you may sprint!

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