Oreo Flavored Red Wine Exsists and It Tastes Just Like An Oreo Cookie

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Rather than cookies and milk, Oreos has teamed up with Barefoot for those who are 21 and over to dunk their crunchy cookies in.

Courtesy of @oreo

Introducing Oreo flavored wine and no, you’re not dreaming!

Courtesy of @Barefoot x Oreo

A cookie inspired red wine that tastes just like chocolate covered and stuffed vanilla cookies.

This batch of wine includes the combining flavors of chocolate and cookies and creme, so it’s as close to an Oreo as you can possibly get without actually having to go out and buy the pack of cookies yourself.

Courtesy of @Barefoot x Oreo

You may notice the aromas of chocolate, blackberry, and dark cherries as soon as you open the bottle while pouring yourself a tall glass.

Courtesy of @Barefoot x Oreo

To snag a bottle, you’ll have to have internet connection because this adult beverage is not stocked on store shelves but instead, will be available this week on December 9 on Barefoot’s website for all who wish to try.

Each delivery box includes two bottles of the Oreo flavored red wine and one package of Oreo Thins for $24.99 for a limited time only to be wrapped as a Christmas gift or to be devoured yourself on the couch.

Courtesy of @Barefoot x Oreo

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