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Oreo is Releasing a Snickerdoodle Flavor For The Holidays And I Can’t Wait

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Along with the holidays come all of the best-tasting sweets!

Oreo is kicking off the holiday season with a brand new flavor and it’s Snickerdoodle Oreo cookies!

This limited edition Oreo flavor combines tasty cinnamon flavor creme, with red and green sugar crystals and is sandwiched between 2 snickerdoodles flavored Oreo cookie wafers.

theoreoofficial – TikTok

This makes the perfect holiday sandwich cookie!

Not your grandma’s snickerdoodle cookie 😉.

theoreoofficial posted with a silly video on TikTok
theoreoofficial – TikTok

This will definitely save me a lot of time baking this year… wait, who am I trying to kid… I don’t bake that often!

If I have any holiday gatherings to attend, I will pick-up a package of Snickerdoodle Oreo cookies to take along with me to share.

theoreoofficial – TikTok

They’ll also work for Christmas eve cookies to put out for Santa Claus with no baking needed and “Santa” will surely enjoy them just the same.

The Oreo Snickerdoodle Sandwich Cookies are limited edition and will be available nationwide only while supplies last.


You will be able to find them in stores beginning October 17th, 2022, in a golden 12.2-ounce package covered with snowflakes and pine trees.

What is your favorite Oreo cookie flavor that you’ve had so far?


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