Move Over Cookies And Milk, Oreos And Salsa Are The Hottest New Food Trend

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Dunking a crispy, chocolate covered and creme stuffed Oreo in a tall, cold glass of milk is a thing of the past.

Apparently, dipping an entire Oreo in a jar of chunky salsa is a tradition among some, but does a milk chocolate cookie and a tangy dipping sauce really pair well?

Courtesy of Demetre Moore

Salsa is commonly eaten with a salty chip but most recently, salty has been replaced with sweet and the internet has mixed feelings.

Courtesy of @morgan_olivia2

According to a few individuals who posted the trend on social media, the empty middle row in an Oreo cookie packaging is made to be filled with salsa.

Courtesy of @fino.af

Whether or not the iconic cookie is supposed to be dunked into mild, hot, chunky or smooth salsa, a tall, cold glass of milk has been replaced with a dip that goes well with a taco on Tuesday.

Courtesy of @blacksteve_43

Considering sweet might finally meet spicy in this latest trend, maybe a double stuffed creme cookie dipped in tomatoes, onions, and spices might not be so bad after all.

Courtesy of @MatthewMarshal7

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