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The Original Trapper Keeper Is Back and It’s The ’80s Nostalgia We Needed

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I told y’all I was old, the 80s have been calling my name… it was the greatest times I can remember.

Anything that sparks the nostalgia of the 80s is something that I want because I crave that feeling.


The Trapper Keeper was the binder of the 80s and everyone wanted one.

Now they’ve returned and I am about to head out to the store to snag a few to use for work because… why not?


I’m my own boss and I would rather use fun stuff that makes me happy than plain boring binders.

These are the original style 1-inch Trapper Keeper binders from Mead.


Even the designs are kicking it retro with some bright fun and colorful designs, there is even one with what looks like a Delorean on it… hello ‘Back to the Future’!

I like the Trapper Keeper design over a regular binder any day, the fold-over flap keeps everything nice and secure and there are 2 portfolios, and a built-in pocket.


They also feature heavy-duty metal rings with a spring clip for holding your notebook paper.

The new Trapper Keeper binders can be found at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and of course… Mead.com and they start at just $10.87!


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