The Original Wordle Is Gone, But Here’s How You Can Still Keep Playing. 

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R.I.P to Wordle, the internet game that challenged brains to guess the winning word with only six slots. 

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But wait, Wordle isn’t gone just yet, hooray!

Thanks to The New York Times, Wordle has been reprised and better yet, your streak lives too!

Even though Josh Wardle’s website, the game creator of Wordle will no longer host the playable version online, The New York Times has now taken over that role. 

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To continue your streak, you can use the tool created by tech writer Seth Michael Larson that will carry over your current stats to the new website.

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Starting today, you can play Wordle once again by visiting The New York Times website rather than visiting Wardle’s link, which will now only bring you to a 404 page.

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To play, you can visit Wordle here, but just remember to carry over your personalized statistics so you’re not just playing from scratch!

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Happy guessing everyone and long live the game of Wordle!

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