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This Pac-Man Ghost Light Will Take Your Room Lighting To The Next Level

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I remember when Pac-Man came out, my dad was obsessed with it. Playing Pac-Man at a table style game with my family is probably where my anxiety started. Those dang ghosts always trying to eat me and the music getting faster and faster… Was that just me?

I mean, I’ll still play it, but it still makes me anxious! I did love those times from being a kid though. This LED light is made to look just like one of those ghosts from the game.


The Pac-Man Ghost Light is an LED color changing mood light! It has 16 color phases!


The LED Ghost light actually reacts to music too! Making this perfect for parties! Or simply to keep yourself entertained while dancing alone, because…why not? Sound-to-light reactive is always super cool!


I am in love with this light/lamp. The design and build is quality, the colors of light that it switches between are nice, and the LEDs work great.

MNL – Target Reviewer

This would be so cool for a game room! I know a lot of people that have arcade games set up and wouldn’t this look awesome in one? The Pac-Man Ghost LED light measures 8 inches (H) x 6 inches (W) x 4 inches (D).


You can pick up your own Pac-Man Ghost LED light from Target for only $29.99! It would be great for any gamer or anyone that loves retro-style fun!


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