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People Are Building Pallet Pools For The Summer And It’s Genius

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It’s quite the known fact that when the summer season rolls around, many people prefer to dip a toe in the pool on a hot summers day.

Whether or not you have the luxury of stepping foot into cool water right in your own backyard, people are building their own pools that also doesn’t break the bank.

Courtesy of Mum Junkie

Pallet pools are the new ingenious invention that turn wooden pallets into a luxurious pool.

Courtesy of Mum Junkie

Some people have even gone the extra mile of using the wooden pallets to add a small staircase that leads up to an above ground pool or a seating area for lounging.

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Courtesy of Mum Junkie

To take on this project, pallet pools require a few supplies including a large tarp, many pallets (depending on the size of your pool), screws, lumber, waterproof lining, and staples.

Courtesy of Mum Junkie

There are a few different ways to create your own pallet pool, but regardless of how you build your pool, this DIY project should be inexpensive depending on size!

Courtesy of Mum Junkie

A day at the beach, more like a day in the sun floating in cool waters courtesy of wooden pallets and “a la backyard!”

Courtesy of Mum Junkie

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