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Mover Flap Jacks, ‘Pancake Spaghetti’ Is the Hottest New Food Trend for Breakfast

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Our dear friend Buddy the Elf was onto something when he mixed pasta, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, maple syrup, marshmallows and a crumbled up chocolate fudge Pop-Tart together on one plate.

Courtesy of @brianaarchuleta

And in light of Buddy’s chef-like, breakfast making skills, there’s a new food trend on TikTok that looks as if the jolly elf made it himself one morning.

Courtesy of @chanelstapasbar

TikToker @brianaarchuleta recently shared a video of her husband’s latest breakfast invention and lets just say the new food item quickly gained the attention of many, more like millions on social media.

Courtesy of @brianaarchuleta

Dubbed the name “pancake spaghetti”, or as her husband likes to say squiggle cakes via her caption, the video shows strands of what looks like pasta, but is really thin lines of pancake batter frying on a griddle!

Served in a bowl and fried golden, you’ll need to use your fork twirling skills just as if you were eating mom’s homemade spaghetti with marinara.

Courtesy of @brianaarchuleta

And if you don’t have a griddle to fry with, a stovetop pan works just as good!

Your toppings? Nothing changes here. The same food groups you would normally pile high on stacked pancakes such as maple syrup, confectionary sugar, butter, fruit, etc.!

Courtesy of @rihmeh

I think it’s safe to say Buddy the Elf would be proud.

Courtesy of @stp77

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