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Papa Johns Released Papa Bowls That Have All The Pizza Toppings But No Crust And They Look So Good

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Hallelujah! Pizza that all us non-carbers can eat!

Papa Johns has come out with a Pizza Bowl that includes all the toppings for pizza but no crust, and it looks amazing.

Papa Johns

They are being called Papa Bowl, and they are a game changer for all those keto, low carb, and no carb people out there.

Each bowl slides out from a protective sleeve cover, and they are served up piping hot — much like pizza, itself.

These bowls come in three varieties, and each one of them sounds equally as yummy!!

You can get Garden Veggie, Chicken Alfredo, and Italian Meats Trio. I’ll take all 3, please!!

They are going to be available to the company’s loyalty members this week. The rest of the country will get to enjoy them starting NEXT week.

Papa Johns

Get this, they are only going to cost $7.99. Gah!! What a TOTAL deal for a meal in a box!

FINALLY, I can vote for the pizza when the family takes a vote on what’s for dinner!

You can order your Papa Bowl from the Papa Johns website.

Papa Johns

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