Paper Fortune Cookie

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Are you looking for a fun, non-food party favor for your friends? How about something awesome to bring to a class party? Or what about just a nice pick-me-up for your kids? This Paper Fortune Cookie is good for all of those and more! Simple to make, and so much fun to receive, these are perfect for any time you want to tell someone, “Hey, you rock.” Happy Crafting!

paper fortune cookies

What You Need To Make a Paper Fortune Cookie:

  • decorative paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • something round to trace (a bowl or cup 3 – 5 inches across works well)
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

paper fortune cookies

How To Make a Paper Fortune Cookie:

1. Lay your paper out and trace your circles
2. Cut out your circles and set aside.
paper fortune cookies
2. Cut strips of paper to write the fortunes on. (They can be long enough to stick out the edges or small enough to be tucked inside.)
4. Write out your fortune messages on your slips of paper
For each paper fortune cookie: 
5. Fold the paper circle in half without making a crease and secure the top, center edge with a dab of glue.
paper fortune cookies
6. Pull the outside edges together by creating a bend/fold in the center of the paper as shown in the photo.
paper fortune cookies
7. Undo the bend and insert the fortune.
paper fortune cookies
8. Re-fold the fortune cookie into shape and add a dab of glue inside to hold it into place.
paper fortune cookies
paper fortune cookies

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