Passport Applications Are Taking Months to Approve. Here’s What You Need to Know.

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As we all know, the summer season is the time to take that vacation you’ve been planning in the group chat with your friends since the winter.

Although if you’re planning on traveling where your passport is required, you’ll want to consider either renewing or submitting an application for your passport in advance.

Currently, the US State Department is facing an astronomical amount of passport applications.

In fact, there are so many individuals who are wishing to travel this year that the total number of applications is estimated to exceed last years by 18%.

So when it comes to getting your passport approved, you can plan on 10 to 13 weeks to pass for routine applications and a seven to nine week wait for expedited submissions. 

Talk about a long wait.

And don’t forget to tack on two weeks if you’re mailing expired passports, plus another two to get one back in your mailbox.

Keep in mind that even by starting the passport process today, you could wait as long as August to receive the tiny blue book.

The delays of passports have gotten so bad that lawmakers have even called on the agency to speed up the process.

Not to mention travelers are having to pay for expedited fees for faster service or having to reschedule their trip all together due to longer wait times.

And no one wants to cancel their trip before it even begins.

So wait are you waiting for, file that passport application now and not tomorrow!

And here’s hoping that passport wait times get better as the summer goes on.

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