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You Can Get A Pastel Green Stanley Cup Decorated With House Plants for the Person With a Green Thumb

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Summer is the season of planting flowers.

Although if you’re typically the person that’s unlucky with plants because you’re missing a green thumb, there is a way you can still fill your home with beautifully greenery!

What’s dubbed the House Plant Stanley Adventure Quencher, this tumbler will bring the green you were looking for into your home without accidentally causing any plants to wilt thanks to Etsy shop owner @EtchandEmber!

Courtesy of EtchandEmber

Decorated with an array of funky house plants that surround the tumbler, each cup is also handmade and laser engraved that make this on the-go quencher even more stunning!

Not to mention it’s the perfect color suitable for the spring and summer season!

Courtesy of EtchandEmber

This tumbler is also the same design that’s gone viral over the internet featuring a glass straw and a handle for an easy grip.

Plus, it can hold 40 ounces of your favorite liquids.

Courtesy of EtchandEmber

So go ahead, pour in your favorite caffeinated or carbonated beverage.

You can’t go wrong with an ice cold Coca-Cola while running errands!

Courtesy of EtchandEmber

Although available in 40 different colors, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to replace the plants in your home that have sadly passed away, stick with the green!

You can currently find the House Plant Stanley Adventure Quencher only on Etsy.

Courtesy of EtchandEmber

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