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You Can Get A Pedestal Candle Holder That Looks Just Like A Palm Tree

What makes you think of beautiful days and warm weather more than palm trees?

I know when I see one, I instantly think of days relaxing at the beach and soaking up the sun.

I love all things palm trees and was so disappointed not to have been able to get this last year. I bought it as soon as it came online and it did not disappoint! Looks bigger and prettier in person and heavy. I have a lot of globes and pedestals from BBW, but this is by far my favorite! Don’t sleep on this one people!

bree22 – Customer review

Bath & Body Works nailed it when they made this gorgeous pedestal candle holder that looks just like a gorgeous golden palm tree.

It’s made to hold your favorite 3 wick candle and bring beach vibes to any occasion or setting.

Bath & Body Works

A perfectly tropical aesthetic addition to your table or decor.

Will be gorgeous at my beach house. It is a nice substantial weight and is even prettier in person!

Kimattybee – Customer review
Bath & Body Works

The palm tree pedestal candle holder measures 8.25 inches D x 8.25 inches H.

You do have to buy your own 3 wick candle separately.

Kitty7191 – Customer review

I literally just opened my box and immediately placed this review! This palm tree is exceptional!!! Breathtaking….the details in the gold are flawless! I am absolutely impressed with this candle holder. I didn’t expect it to be this stunning in person. If you are debating stop it and buy…and if you are a collector like me buy 2!!! Lol!!! Very sturdy heavy and well made. It’s worth every penny! Bigger than I expected as well.

Kitty7191 – Customer review

You can buy your own Palm Tree Pedestal Candle Holder from Bath & Body Works, but hurry before they sell out!

KM65 – Customer review