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This Pennywise Doormat Will Stop People In Their Tracks This Halloween

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When it comes to spooky things, I think that most people seem to be the most afraid of Clowns.

Is there any clown that is scarier than Pennywise from the movie ‘It’?

Nah, I don’t think so… I think he still sits at the top when it comes to creepy killer clowns.

Halloween is quickly approaching and this is now the season of Halloween, so it is time to get your spooky decor out there and on display.

What better way is there to greet or scare away guests than having Pennywise do it for you?

This scary doormat is designed to look like a sewer grate and you can see the killer clown Pennywise peering up at you!


The doormat measures 15.7 inches by 23.6 inches and is the perfect-sized rug to put at your door, but it would also look great in the bathroom or even in front of the kitchen sink.


This Pennywise rug is slip-resistant because it features anti-skid rubber on the bottom, and the rug itself is made from recycled PVC rubber.

It’s made to handle frequent use and you can even clean it lightly if needed.


You should be able to pull this out to use for many Halloween seasons to come.

You can buy your own creepy murderer Pennywise clown doormat from Amazon!


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