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People Are Altering Novels To Make Them Less ‘Offensive’ and Then Are Selling Them

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As an avid book reader — and yes, a fan of romance — I can’t even begin to fathom that this is happening.

People are buying romance novels and altering them. They are whiting out the “offensive” material, and reselling them at a jacked up price over the OG.

Why? Apparently there is a market for romance books that are too risque for the people who buy them. Like, they want to be able to read the romance novel, but they get offended by the naughty bits.

I mean, why in the world read a ROMANCE novel, then? You know full well what you are getting into.

Now we have ‘readers’ buying romance books, ‘altering’ them to make them less OFFENSIVE and then offering them up for sale for around double the OG price via their own Etsy shop.

Emma Louise

I mean, this is an OBVIOUS violation of copyright laws. BUT, it is all kinds of wrong from a personal standpoint.

These are someone else’s words. This is a story envisioned by and written by an individual. This is THEIR story to tell. It isn’t something to be altered and profited from.

I want the books I read and the books I write to have explicit language. I want graphic scenes. While I don’t write same sex relationships, I love to read them. And yes, my characters ’take the [Lord’s] name in vain’ because this author right here is an atheist and my characters probably are too if I really think about it.

Emma Louise

You don’t have to agree with their personal beliefs, but you have no right to change or alter their words that have been published.

If reading romance goes against some of your beliefs, DONT READ IT. Or if you absolutely must, censor your own copy. You don’t have a single right to do crap like this. Outside of the legalities, it’s just a crap thing to do.

Emma Louise

And, the person buying the altered book is just as bad. They are making a market for such idiocracy in the literary world, and I say SHAME ON THEM.

as if pirating books, reading them then returning them, and generally berating authors for having the gall to even exist wasn’t bad enough …

Emma Louise

Y’all. These authors put themselves out there. They are completely vulnerable with their words and ideas, and they have the kindness to share them with us.

We should have the decency to let them tell their stories without (1) Judging them (2) Berating them (3) Changing their stories.

If we don’t like what an author has to say, we don’t buy their books. Plane and simple.

Move on to something else that is more to your liking. Get something that won’t offend you. Don’t be a part of this asinine move to alter or change a story. Be a decent human being.

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