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People Are Letting Chickens Carve Pumpkins This Year and the Results Are Scary Good

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Who says carving pumpkins means you have to touch slimy guts?

Courtesy of @redleafranch

If you dread carving the orange fruit because you can’t stand the mess or how it feels inside, TikTok has a fix where you don’t have to touch pumpkin guts and still have the joy of lighting a jack-o-lantern.

Thanks to the recent viral trend on the social media platform, for those who have a chicken coop in the backyard have been carving pumpkins a little differently this year.

Courtesy of @redleafranch

Other than laying eggs for a yummy breakfast, who knew chickens were so good at carving pumpkins too!

The trend starts with a freshly picked pumpkin that you only need to lightly carve.

Lightly carving the face of your pumpkin will give the chickens a guide for your jack-o-lantern’s face.

After lightly grazing the outer surface of your pumpkin, you’ll need to stick grub on the spots you want carved so the chickens can follow along and poke out the spots you want carved!

Plus it’s a great snack for the chickens!

Courtesy of @redleafranch

And the results? Let’s just say it looks the chickens do a better job “craving” than we do!

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