People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Their Surroundings

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We’ve all shown up to a party or lunch wearing the same outfit as someone else, but what about when you show up wearing the same thing as the couch? I am loving these people reddit user mangowhymango found who accidentally dressed just like the day.


Bro, you should definitely get that couch.


Man, that can happen to the best of us. I think I own these tights.


When you bought that shirt, did you ask for it in the color floor?


To be fair, a sunset is a sunset.


I love that they knew what color their debit card was enough to remember and pull it out. I couldn’t tell you what color mine was if you paid me. In debit cards.

So, maybe you should save that shirt for when you’re not traveling?MB1oaWg

Fancy a round of volleyball, eh?


Colorblock is the new black.


I love this. so much.XwubJHC

I dunno, plaid is plaid to me.

I’d probably hide my face, too.7mLifyd

So, shoes come in floor, too.

That face. I’d be way more excited than this.pMZZYOR

Like this! I love how happy this makes her!dHDyCIU

Pretty sure this one was on purpose.xfQr4si

I have no idea what that thing is they are holding up.T8QHp4p

Couch shirt!seJedy0

If I were her, I would totally buy this couch.

Because sometimes you have to dress like a highlighter.VY1roBD

I am not sure what I like more, the fact that she matches, or the fact that she laid down the floor in this hallway.sic3IgT

Do you think she knows?ZNFyId2Yup, I dress to match my phone case, too. Oh, wait… that’s not hers.


To be fair, his floor does look like a sock.Yt7s1C6

Bro. are you a conductor?


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