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Pepsi Discontinues Sierra Mist and Welcomes New Starry Lemon-Lime Soda

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Move over, Sierra Mist. There’s a new PepsiCo lemon-lime soda in town, and it’s supposed to be delicious.


Sierra Mist has officially been retired. That’s going to be a bummer for some of you — “you” includes me. I’m sorry.

BUT, the good news is that the PepsiCo company has already replaced Sierra Mist with what they are calling Starry.


This new Starry lemon-lime soda will still be caffeine free, so my hyper-active 11 year old can sip it.


According to Walmart it is a “crisp, clear burst of lemon lime flavor,” with a “hit of refreshment to brighten your day.”


Sounds tasty, doesn’t it!!


STARRY, using the tag line, “STARRY Hits Different,” brings a new lemon lime flavor to the mix for a consumer who is simultaneously optimistic about the future and brings a sense of irreverence to their everyday.

PepsiCo Press Release

There isn’t much better than an ice cold, fizzy, lemon-lime soda on a hot day — unless you drop some vodka in that glass with it. *Wink*


Starry has already dropped into stores, and can be found wherever you USED to find your Sierra Mist.


RIP, Sierra Mist. We will miss you.

sierramist / PepsiCo

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