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You Can Get A Pickle Picker That Will Keep You From Getting Pickle Juice All Over Your Hands And It’s Genius

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I LOVE pickles (except when I was pregnant, which is strange!) But I hate getting them out of the jar because I either use my fingers and then they sell like pickles all day, or I try a fork and spend forever trying to actually puncture one.

Well, believe it or not, there’s a pretty handy solution now on Amazon that I thankfully discovered on TikTok!

Introducing the Pickle Picker! Pretty explanatory name, but hey, it gets the job done! It just looks like a little stick but then projects out a little claw to grab those darn pickles!

It’s as simple as that! Easy to clean, easy to grab pickles. No more issues. And now that person is going to make millions over such a simple idea!

These are available and selling like crazy on Amazon thanks to this 16 million views TikTok video! It’s obviously worth it!


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