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Pickle Sandwiches Are The New Hot Food Trend and It’s Sort of A Big Dill

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Sandwiching slices of meat, tomato, bacon, onion and lettuce between two halves of bread is so last year.

Courtesy of @elsies_pickles

To cover their sliced meat and veggies, many individuals have resorted to bell peppers and now, even whole pickles.

Courtesy of @ruledme

The latest trend to hit social media are pickle sandwiches which are exactly what they sound like.

Courtesy of @greenchef

Deli meat, mayo, mustard, hot Cheetos, cheese, lettuce and tomato or however you stuff your sandwich, are packed between two halves of two sliced pickles for a keto friendly, low carb snack!

Courtesy of @greatbigstory

For a crunchy and juicy substitute, pickle lovers are making a big dill out of this hot new food trend.

Courtesy of @greatbigstory

Move over bell peppers, whole pickles are taking the spotlight.

Courtesy of @lowcarbstateofmind

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