Pie for Pi

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So, not only is March 14th Pi Day, at 9:26 AM, it’ll also be the longest running span of Pi in a century (3.1415926). And how are we celebrating? With Pie for Pi, of course! Enjoy these amazing recipes, just make sure you measure the full radius of the plate before cutting so you can calculate the exact…I’m kidding. Just enjoy.



Pie for Pi:

1. It’ll take me 3.14 seconds to devour this Candy Bar Pie from Crazy for Crust.

2. I am addicted to exactly 3.14 things in this world and Crack Pie by Averie Cooks just bumped one of them off the list.

3. Other pies don’t measure up to the deliciousness of this Banoffee Pie by Three Many Cooks.

4. I’ve been circling around this Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie from Kevin & Amanda for a while now.

5. The mathematics for how this Caramel Apple Crumble Pie from Averie Cooks has existed on the internet for more than 3.14 minutes without me knowing about it is mind-boggling.

pie for pi

6. It’s irrational to imagine my life before this Chocolate Strawberry Oasis Pie from Love & Olive Oil.

7. There is a real chance the diameter of this Nutter Butter Pie from Cookies and Cups is smaller than the diameter of my mouth.

8. Could someone please bring me 3.14 slices of this Lemon Cheesecake from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom for my birthday?

9. I’d circle the globe for a taste of this Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie by The Cookie Rookie.

10. I wonder if the volume of this Key Lime Pie in a Jar from A Million Moments is smaller than my stomach? I’m willing to test it, you know…for science.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking I might make at least 3.14 of these recipes to have on hand. Maybe I’ll invite 3.14 friends over. Maybe we’ll watch a movie that’s 3.14 hours long. Maybe I should stop now…

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