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Pillsbury Released A New Moist Supreme Sugar Cookie Mix Just In Time For The Holidays

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We are about to dive head-first into the holiday cookie season, and I can’t wait!

Of course, the star of cookie season is undoubtedly Pillsbury — with things like Candy Cane Cookie Dough, Funfetti Christmas Cookie Kits, and their to-die-for Peppermint Frosting.

Now, they are bringing us a Moist Supreme® Sugar Cookie Premium Cookie Mix, and I’m about to put on my apron, grab a whisk, and get to baking!!

This boxed Sugar Cookie Premium Cookie Mix makes a dough that you roll-out and cut into cookie shapes.

So, grab your favorite cookie cutters (like these Stainless Steel Holiday Cookie Cutters), a couple jars of frosting, some holiday sprinkles, and maybe some edible googly eyes, and have all the cookie making holiday fun!

This mix is so easy to use with even the most intricate cookie cutter shapes, so it will save you time and energy and allow you to get to the fun part in a snap! 


I’m totally getting my kids involved in a fun Pillsbury cookie night, where we use this Premium Cookie Mix as a base for all our holiday cookie magic.

And, dude. You can’t beat the price (especially with the way the price of food is skyrocketing).

One box of this Moist Supreme® Sugar Cookie Premium Cookie Mix will set you back between $2.49 and $3.99.

You can pick it up in the baking aisle of your favorite grocery store right now and throughout the holiday season.

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