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Pillsbury Has Brought Back Their Strawberry & Cream Flavored Cinnamon Rolls Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in full swing ladies and gentleman. Just take a look at the candy selection and food isles at any grocery store.

Walmart has already started replacing Pillsbury’s pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls for their seasonal Strawberries & Cream Grand Rolls for Valentine’s Day!

These Pillsbury Grands combine Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with a sweet flavor of Strawberry and Cream flavored icing and a dash of love smothered on the top of course… for Valentine’s Day.–HKiblZ95/

The 17.5 ounce can has 5 big rolls stuffed inside for the perfect side dish at dinner or the main meal for dessert.

Courtesy of Walmart

Not to mention the design of their holiday cinnamon rolls are incredibly hard to just pass by in the food isle. Pillsbury does a great job spreading the love for Valentine’s Day with their bright pink flannel cover with a couple of mouth-watering strawberries surrounding the front of the can making it difficult not to buy more than one of these sweet treats.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

You can currently buy this sweet treat from Pillsbury at Walmart for just $3.78!

Courtesy of Walmart