Pillsbury’s New Pull-Apart Monkey Bread And Garlic Bread Kits Make Snack Time Easy For The Entire Family

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Mom! Dad!

What are we having for dinner; is the classic line every kid has asked when they’re starting to become hungry!

Pillsbury is making dinnertime easier for parents, cutting the time it makes to bake fresh bread for the dinner table.

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The Pillsbury Dough Boy has just released Pull-Apart Monkey Bread and Garlic Bread kits which means the side dish for dinner or even dessert is covered, and all you need is butter and a handful of shredded cheese depending on which meal you make.

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Pillsbury is cutting dinner wait times in half with the new garlic and monkey bread kits that makes fresh bread on the spot in minutes.

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Pillsbury includes most of the ingredients you will need to make the buttery or sugary bread, however it does say that you will need butter for both breads and shredded cheese if you’re making the garlic bread.

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Other than two ingredients we all have laying around the house, the family size boxes produces 8 servings which is more than enough to feed the family and maybe even grandma and grandpa too if they happen to be visiting!

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A few individuals on Instagram have spotted the new dinner kits at Walmart which means we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to run and not walk to get a taste of some monkey bread or a handful of garlic.

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