You Can Get Pineapple Snapple That Tastes Just Like Springtime In A Bottle

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Snapple has released their limited edition PINEAPPLE Of My Eye drink, and now Springtime is officially here!

It’s seriously like a tropical party in a bottle! Each 16 ounce beverage contains a blend of pineapple and carrot juice — but Spoiler Alert — you hardly even know the carrot juice is there!!

These bottles have already been spotted at Target, but they should be rolling out to your favorite grocery and convenience stores soon. You can also score an entire case of them on Amazon Here.

I am so crazy excited for this flavor! If I close my eyes JUST RIGHT while I sip on this beverage, I’ll feel like I’m hanging out on a tropical island, soaking in the sun.

Unfortunately, this is a Limited Time Snapple flavor, so you better grab a couple bottles when you find them! As of now, this flavor won’t be around forever. I’m hoping Snapple changes its mind, and makes this a permanent flavor!

Do you love pineapple like I do? Did you know we’ve all been eating them wrong for years? This hack make so much sense! You have GOT to go check it out.

Would it be overkill to eat a giant pineapple WHILE you enjoy one of these AMAZING new Pineapple of My Eye Snapples? The more tropical, the better, AMIRITE!?

BONUS! Did you know that Pineapple is loaded with Vitamin C, which is a GREAT immune booster? We could all use a little immune boost right about now.

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