Pink Airplanes Exist and Now You Can Fly In Style 

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Maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but how can we not think of summer vacation when the weather finally starts to warm! 

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Flying season feels like it’s just around the corner and there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the plane ahead of your tropical destination. 

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More importantly, the plane you pick to fly you to your vacation home or hotel room is critical when selecting your desired airline. 

We all want the complimentary snacks, drinks, pillows and as little turbulence as possible when flying two plus hours in the air, but did you know that pink airplanes also exist aside from the original white or blue?  

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That’s right, pink airplanes aren’t only created from film magic but they’re just as real as any other airline such as Delta or Southwest!

Courtesy of @flysilverairways

Dubbed Silver Airways who get their color inspiration from the Flamingo, pink airplanes let you fly in style because who wouldn’t want to sit on a bubblegum pink airplane above the clouds? 

Courtesy of @flysilverairways

Thanks to TikToker @respecht who shared a few moments before boarding on the pink airplane, there’s no other plane I’d rather choose other than one that’s colored neon pink!

Courtesy of @respecht

Advertised as the ‘Fast and Fuchsia’ airplane airlines with a figure of a white flamingo on the back wing, this airplane is made to stand out from its competition.

Courtesy of @flysilverairways

So before you pick Delta as your next plane ride to Disney World, considering choosing the pink plane to get you to your trip to see the big mouse!

Courtesy of @roneiamenezes

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