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This Pink Lagoon Changes Colors During The Summer And It Is Breathtaking

A lagoon that changes color is quickly turning into a tourist hotspot.

Courtesy of @wheresshelly

The must see destination is named the Hutt Lagoon and this pretty lake isn’t your normal blueish color.

Courtesy of @amazing_wa

What is an Instagram worthy site, the Hutt Lagoon changes to bright colors due to algae!

More specifically, the algae in the lake is a caroteinoid-producing algae which is also known as a beta-carotene, a food coloring agent.

Courtesy of @visitgeraldton

From bubblegum pink, to a pretty purple to even a shade of Twizzler red, this lake continuously changes colors throughout the day for a spectacular site seeing fieldtrip.

When the sun is directly over the lake, the pink color is at its most vibrant shade while hovering clouds can make the lake more of a blush pink.

Courtesy of @jordangee96

The more algae, the brighter the color!

Courtesy of @floboniface

The Hutt Lagoon (aka the pink lake), is located in Australia and it’s recommended to visit the tourist hotspot in the summer between the hours of 10am and 2pm!

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