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Pinstripe Eyeliner is The New Hot Beauty Trend and I’m Jealous Of The Skills

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I like makeup, but I suck at it so I rarely ever make the effort to do my makeup, I look like a hot mess the majority of the time.

My eyeliner routine is a black line smudged on the top and a non skilled line on the bottom.

I learned to use eyeliner with a wet n wild black pencil melted a little with a flame from a lighter, I mean… it was the late 80s.

Liquid eyeliner and I have not developed any sort of friendship over the years, yes… I have tried and no… it was not a good friendship… flat out toxic!

Every time I would try I would feel like a failure and look like a raccoon on drugs.

Then I came across this fancy pants girl @fairy.freak on TikTok, that has some major pin-striping eyeliner skills.

@fairy.freak – TikTok

Like seriously… look at that!

@fairy.freak – TikTok

I’m totally blown away by her videos, she makes it look so simple and I know it isn’t!

@fairy.freak – TikTok

Like this is art, pin-striping in general is hard, but to match it up on your face is an insane skill level!

@fairy.freak – TikTok

She uses fine paintbrushes that seem to be nail art brushes to get the fine liner effect.

@fairy.freak – TikTok

It takes multiple brushes to get the correct look, which also takes skill!

@fairy.freak – TikTok

If I even had an ounce of this skill, I would rock this even if I am an old geezer!

@fairy.freak – TikTok

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